Preface to New Beaufort Book - Released June 18, 2015

     I always dreamed of moving to the coast to paint. And though I had never been to Beaufort, I was undeniably drawn to the quaint seaside village. Settling full-time into a duplex cottage at 207 Orange Street in 2001, I sensed the historic reality of Beaufort's charm.
     Inspired by all the unique porches and fences, I began to paint, while exploring and expanding a sincere fascination with my new community. Yearning to know more about the homes and residents of yesteryear, I searched family records and house histories; this helped me capture the character and spirit of each dwelling. 
     While exploring other materials and sources, I found much I had not seen in the few local publications. With no internet archive of the town, in 2006 I began my first weblog, Beaufort, North Carolina History—Histories and Images from the Past. As the site content grew, descendants from all over the country, even researcher Ian Lucraft of Sheffield, England, began contacting me with more information about their ancestors. I was also surprised by a call from a descendant of Farnifold Green, who held a 1707 land patent, part of which became Beaufort. READ MORE

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North Carolina's
     A Unique Coastal Village Preserved

Early Beaufort was influenced by those who traveled the seas. Trade with the West Indies and Colonial ports helped develop and provide a cultural influence unlike that of inland North Carolina—thus the growth of not only a unique maritime heritage but also an unequaled collection of architectural treasures. 

Along with histories of the town and its surrounding environment, this 200-page volume focuses on ALL Beaufort's unique collection of historic homes, built from the late 1700s to the early 1900s - presented alphabetically, street-by-street, with images and histories of 285 houses, plus many buildings and sites.


The Colors of Beaufort, North Carolina
Three Centuries of History Woven Through Art and Words

Painted, researched and compiled since 2001, the foundation of author-artist Mary Warshaw's book is built around the houses that create Beaufort's street vistas and the people who built and lived in these "Architecture Treasures." 

Besides 50 featured paintings and family histories, woven into this book are many other histories, from those who first touched the sand banks to the history of the Beaufort plaque - all with full-color GicleĆ©-quality images. 



This is not a print - It is a collage created to show 
various images, most still available as prints.


Beaufort's Historic Homes and Histories

Each box contains an assortment of 10 blank 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" note cards and white envelopes - packaged in a clear gift box. The back of each note card includes a brief but detailed history of the particular porch/house. RETAILERS in SIDEBAR.  




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