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Available at Hungry Town Tours Welcome Center 

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Each box contains an assortment of 10 blank 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" note cards and white envelopes - packaged in a clear gift box. The back of each note card includes a brief but detailed history of the particular porch/house.
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Looking Back and a Special Tribute

Finding my "niche" began on this Orange Street porch. 
       When I moved to Beaufort in 1998, I lived on Sunshine Court... As I acclimated and sought to find my way, I recall neighbor Jane Harvey saying, "Don't worry, you'll find your niche." Three years later, I fortuitously moved to a small cottage on Orange Street and was soon inspired to paint the historic homes... I truly believe I was sent to Beaufort for a reason and am very grateful for the special "thank you" below.  
Mary Warshaw
Special Tribute  
by Beaufort resident Liz Burke   
Beaufort-by-the-Sea magazine - October 2016
      I first became aware of Mary Warshaw several years ago. I had just retired to Beaufort and my uncle, Borden Mace, immediately came to visit me. The house I had rented on Ann Street sat directly across from the Mace house where "Uncle Bookie" and my mother had grown up. At age 93, Uncle Bookie knew he did not have much longer to live and he wanted to "breathe in" his beloved Beaufort one last time. But instead of dying that year, my uncle became completely energized by Beaufort as he began retracing his roots. This is where Mary Warshaw entered into our lives.....